Men’s Soccer Camps

Men’s Camps


UPDATED Men’s Camps

Now offering 4 one-day options between July 22-25. All camps are $75.


The two age group training clinics will be focused on a high level of teaching and skill development, and will be fantastic; professionally and passionately run.  If your son is interested in a day of being challenged to improve, exposed to new ideas, and play on his edge, he will love this training clinic.  I will personally run these sessions and the coaching will be of a very high caliber.

Training Day Registration Links:


The two prospect camps are geared specifically to rising 11th and 12th graders who are seriously interested in playing men’s soccer at Hope and want to showcase their abilities to me and to our staff.  Both Prospect Days are the same; we are offering two because these camps will be kept smaller in terms of number than the Training Clinics.

It is no problem for players who are age-eligible (rising 11th and 12th grades) to sign up for both a Prospect Day and the Training Day.

Click the registration link below and select either Prospect Day I (Wed. 7/22) or Prospect Day 2 (Sat. 7/25):

For more information, please email Hope Men’s Coach Dave Brandt at

All 4 Camps Will Include:

• high level skill and tactical instruction-all teaching and instruction done by me and my adult staff

• interaction with current players from
Hope’s men’s team

• intentional leadership and character development talk and emphasis based on Hope men’s soccer philosophy of always doing one’s best and instilling greatness and separation and developing young men of depth, substance, and character.

*IF we are not permitted to have physical contact because of social distancing regulations, there is plenty we can do in terms of non-contact skill teaching and development.  If physical contact is permitted, there will still be a primary emphasis in the training clinics on skill teaching and development.